Kvetoslav Minarik can be considered to be the promoter of yogic system called "Yoga through the proper way of life". Here is a excerpt from an article dealing with this topic:

Yoga for everybody

    Do you want to try yoga, too? If so, then observe following principles that, in fact, represent the whole yoga in a nutshell:

  1. Raise yourself from the state of passivity towards reflex, i.e. spontaneous, instinctive, reactions to the outer world by permanently calling up all-surmounting cheerfulness.
  2. Develop and enhance the self-control by relentlessly being aware of all you are doing, i.e. that you are standing, going, eating, doing this or that.
  3. Practice concentration by thinking about (focusing your attention to) a chosen object (your feet, legs), but only to the degree that you do not deaden your awareness. You must be able, over and over again, to get back to the normal perception of things in the world around you, because only in this way you will ensure the control of your watchfulness. Buddhists call this kind of concentration boundary, boundary concentration.
  4. If you in this way achieve such a high degree of vigilance that no muting of it occurs even if you focus your attention only on one exclusive, especially fictive, i.e. not real, concentration object, you may change the boundary concentration into the full one. This sort of concentration will help you transmit your empirical consciousness, i.e. the consciousness based on experience, into the sphere of mental phenomena, without losing your awareness of your present (mental) state i.e. whether you are dreaming or perceiving all events in this sphere.
    Herewith you have realized the state of wisdom within yourself.