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    Why am I giving here the prophecy about Vishnu according to the Puranas? It is surely nothing new and many people have certainly read the article on internet. But I doubt that those people would know and understand how true that prophecy really is. To put the points 1 to 9 [before Buddha Gautama] into some historical epochs and to interpret them is hardly possible because, judging by their contents, they should reach very long time before the dry earth began, which counts billions of years back. But the last two verses are clear, at least to me. I do agree that the Buddha Gautama was Vishnu’s avatar. He brought a redeeming teaching that could be practicable even by "atheists". His teaching on suffering and the way leading to termination of suffering is indisputable and real. What I want to talk about here is the present time in which we live now and to which the eleventh point of the prophecy refers, namely the incarnation of Vishnu, in the Puranas called Kalki. [Note: some translations and sources name ten, some other eleven incarnations of Vishnu] That is the one who should at the end of the age bring the Teaching for the salvation of mankind.

    I am really not very sure if we can call it bad or good luck that we live at the time when everybody is talking about the close of age – in other words about the end of the first half-year of the Platonic calendar, which covers the time from the sign of Leo to the ingress into the sign of Aquarius. And this expression is talked about from all sides today, both by laymen and in the scientific world. Not of course by those grousy scientists of the materialistic paradigm but by a new generation of researchers. Especially in relation to the Maya’s prophecy about the end of time. But – can time really end? In the subjective sense yes, however, what I rather suppose in this case is that it is a question of end of counting time by years. In the same way as counting time by years began in the Egyptian Zep-Tepi 11.500 years ago, so according to the Mayas this counting (or measuring) should end in 2012. Time will continue, of course, and will be counted in some way again, but it will be the Age of Vishnu, the epoch of altered culture. All in all, the whole period since the Great Flood has been actually permanent barbarism, which the history of the last century as well as the present time, i.e. our own experience, can actually confirm.

    So why am I writing on those things? It’s because I know that the prophesied tenth Vishnu of the Puranas has actually been born and that he is the one who has brought the Teaching as predicted. Unfortunately his contemporaries have not realized this fact. And so I know that the anticipated End of Time will be reality.

    Vishnu’s Age began in fact and has been lasting for some time but in the material world it will be manifested not before the Maya’s "End of Time". I know even the exact date of the prophesied birth of the Vishnu’s son. It was 15th March 1946. What happened at that day was the realization of Vishnu, described by Kvetoslav Minarik in his autobiography as his second realization. Who of his direct diciples was able to understand that. Yes, I lived with living Vishnu who was at the same time the real Buddha – and has been a bringer of the Teachning as prognosticated in the Puranas.

    The result of his first realization in 1926 was achievement of buddhahood, of the level of Buddha Gautama, a state about which Kvetoslav himself says that "it comes only when the world has a great holiday". Well, that means we were contemporaries of very rare existence of Buddha on Earth. Both of them, Gautama and Kvetoslav were also [incarnations of] Vishnu.

    In what I have written above may be interesting that the centre of major teachings is disappearing from the so far traditional places on Earth, namely from India and Tibet. So why was Buddha-Vishnu born in Bohemia of all places, at the time prior to the big cataclysm, which the End of Time or, in other words, entering into the age of Vishnu will certainly be? Many things have been shown to me; however, I don’t take it for reasonable to make them public. I am the last upholder of and an initiate into Mahayana teaching that Kvetoslav brought from Tibet to Bohemia. He tranferred the teaching as a tulku of Marpa [the Translator] through his realizations and he has continued to be Mahayana’s protector for the future, for the new Age, as he himself has revealed to me.

    May all beings be happy.

    Josef Studeny


    As follows from the Puranas’ prophecies, Vishnu is a sustainer of the world, its beginning and persistence. He rules the world’s formation and evolution as the Puranas in the list of the Avataras describe. He arrives to the world at the outset of each evolutional epoch in a relevant form and he is always equipped with the absolute spiritual power. The given scripture implies that the duration of the successive periods of his manifestation is never same long. The initial [period] is enormously long and each following is always shorter. The Puranas, however, do not give duration of the named periods. Now, the question is: Have the transitions between the individual periods been continuous or catastrophic? Descriptions of the individual times given there correspond by their characteristics to the development of the Earth as depicted by modern scientists.

    I will try to compare that which I have recounted here to researches of the new generation of american scientists and those who engage in measuring time according to the ancient Mayas. The latter take as the starting point quite another basis elements and it seems that they arrive at same results in assessing the now widely discussed Maya End of Time. But these researchers do not know anything about what happened here in Bohemia.

    The scientific writer Barbara Hand Clow in her book The Mayan code quotes the scientist Calleman (loose back-translation from Czech): "The previous creation has become part of the later ones and this course is created by cycles that are 20 times shorter than the previous underworld. (The Mayas used duodecimal system). Since each following cycle is 20 times shorter than the previous one, time accelerates by multiple of 20 during opening each unterworld…", says Mrs. Hand Clow. The Mayas arrived in this way of time-measuring at the conclusion that the duration of the cosmos is 16 billion years. Now, this could correspond to the incarnations of Vishnu on Earth also according to researches of the contemporary scientists.

    The most recent cycle between two incarnations of Vishnu lasted 2500 years; between Buddha Gautama and Buddha Kvetoslav. There is no further [possibility of] shortening time for another arrival of Vishnu. That means, the year 2012 as determined by the ancient Mayas to be the End of Time can be taken seriously. How will it look? Will it touch only the Earth or the whole Solar system? Who can say that? I only know that the Age of Aquarius is going be Vishnu’s Age, which will have quite a different moral code than the so far existing Brahma’s Age. What we can say about the past times as well the present time, in which we are living, is that it has been more or less developed barbarism. Don’t you agree? On the Czech TV channel CT2 (and not only on Czech television; these things are broadcast on many world’s TV channels) you could see scenes of last wars, pictures of gas chambers – have you seen those? Well, such way of life will surely not continue in Vishnu’s Age. However, the change will not take place in the way that Vishnu would wave a magic wand and there would be paradise. Nor will the transitional period last thousands of years. The world is currently governed by Maro, the persoified evil. Yes – Evil-Maro is embodied in all masterminds of world’s events as well as in their victims. Kvetoslav used to say that at the spiritual level Maro shines exactly like the very Brahma, but he was sure he would manage to throw Maro down into the abyss when the time comes. For that reason Kvetoslav has remained after his physical death on the boundary of the Creation as Nirmana-kaya. And I know him in this way, too. Maro, however, will not give up so simply. He will get everything that belongs to him.